• We have Moved!!!

    We have moved to Alsa Mall, Egmore
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  • World Robot Olympiad 2015

    Our team is getting ready for WRO 2015
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  • Get ready for Integrated Robotics

    Time to plan your School time to learn the relation between Robotics and Science, Maths - Learning with Fun!
    Robotix Lab Offers a flexible choice for you to come and learn your science and Maths Concept.
    Walk into our Lab between 10.00 AM - 06.30 PM on any day for enrollment! To know more details click here

  • Short time program  2014

    If you wish to hold a short term camp @ your school or college - We can tailor-make interesting camps with the available time and budget.
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Robotics - The Next Generation Technology

Robotics - The Next Generation Technology after 30 years domination of the Personal Computer, IT, and IT Services, it is strongly believed that Robotics and Automation is the Next Generation Technology and will occupy the same place that the IT industry is currently holding.
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About Us

Robotix Lab Research Academy, a Private Educational Services provider in the field of Robotics and Automation and an R&D unit with exclusive research based on Robotics and Automation was started in November, 2008. Today, Robotix Lab Research Academy is a pioneer in the field of Robotics Education with having designed a specific age appropriate curriculum for School students right from Class - 1 to Class - 12 and specific modules for the College students.
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Latest Happenings

Our inspirations- This should be also yours. Watch out, you can be one among them if you aspire!