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Future of Robotics in India

There is no denying that Robotic technologies are all set to change the way things are done in the industries in which they are being implemented.
Given that Robotics is fast entering into the industrial space in India, it is but natural that a lot of employment and entrepreneurship opportunities are opening up for people who wish to enter this growing and exciting field.
From what the many entrepreneurs had to say, there is no denying the fact that there are many challenges that need to be overcome before India is seen as a go-to destination for Robotics. One of the biggest challenges that they face today is the procurement of the hardware and other electronic components that are required to build a robot. However, this can be seen as a golden opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to set up businesses that can supply Make In India components and hardware to the existing and upcoming companies involved in Robotics. The future of Robotics in India seems certainly bright and promising!