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The RobotixLab Research Academy has an exclusive Learning Studio with various Service Robots where participants get to explore and get first-hand experience in developing applications.

We also setup live studios with multiple versions of Robots / Humanoid which can be developed for different verticals of Industry like Hospitality / Security,Personal care,etc.

The Service Robots blend three of the world’s top innovations: self-driving technology, artificial intelligence and robotics - areas of frequent breakthroughs.Participants are trained to develop various applications for different verticals in the happening Industries. Well tested and approved training modules provided to the students from our studios help them to design various application and test them on the Service Robots time to time as various case studies. This extensive training modules helps participants in choosing a lucrative career in AI with confidence.

Robotixlab Research Academy

Robotixlab Research Academy


Increasingly, colleges and institutions are paving the way for exciting careers in robotics.Robotics is a current trend setter with exciting career options to work among various robots with the choice of interest from design, manufacture to coding the mobility of the robots. Today, robots are being used in manufacturing, transportation, service, surveillance,surgery and research for mass production. This field offers a wide range of employment opportunities to those who are skilled in the relevant sectors.


  • To provide a first-hand experience for all enthusiastic participants
  • To inspire and develop future robotics specialists
  • To cultivate and sustain interest in happening technologies and develop as many numbers of future solution providers for different verticals
  • Our Approach:

  • Setting up Live Robot studio into Colleges both Engineering / Regular stream
  • Provide live robots for training as per the choice of the management with a buyback option
  • Upgrading the robots with an additional focused curriculum where we begin with for students of IT/CSE and Professionals
  • Ample training to the Trainers provided by the college on sight and in our labs all throughout the year who will take over the Training Program in the studio within their college.
  • The Advisors who guide us through the program

    Professor Dr.T.S.Natarajan, Department of Physics former IIT, Chennai now Associate Fellow Physics IIT, Tirupathi. He was nominated as the president of First Regional Council of Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry regions. Received Annual Achievement Award for the year 2007 by Indian Science Monitor for laudable Work on Molecular Electronics and Science Demonstrations for children.

    Dr. Madhevan Balasundaram - Digi robotics, London. A Robotics and Automation Engineer with 9 years research, industrial and academic experience. Delivering innovative solutions in aerospace, robotics, chemical, medical and automotive sector. Depth of R&D knowledge in new product development covering Electronics, automation, mechanical, design, validation, and testing

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