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Robotixlab Championship - 2019

­čîčOverall best performance among all event goes to SBOA congratulation­čîč

Competition Details

Date: 16-Nov-19

Time: 9 AM to 6 PM

Venue: SBOA Matriculation and Higher Secondary School

Max. Team Size: 2

Registration Mode: Online / Direct Pay

Registration Starts on: 23-Aug-19

Last date to register: 10-Nov-19

Eligibility: Open to everyone

Age: 10+ years

Open Competition

What is Open Competition?

Open Competition is something in which everyone irrespective of their age, irrespective of their education, irrespective of their profession, will be eligible for participating in Competition.

Why Open-Competition?

Level of technical thinking, and level of imagination is not at all constrained in Open-competition, even if you are in tenth grade you will be competing with professionals from which you can estimate where you stand among the globe. On the next-year with all the hard work, you can win the Open-competition and start competing around the globe, which eventually result in being a Global Icon.

Will Robotixlab be always an Open-Competition?

Yes, at Robotix Lab Researach Academy, we do believe that competing with everyone irrespective of age and education will sure develop us into greater technical personality and so we have no idea whatsoever to change the Competition status.

Robot Race

Sub-Junior Level  class: 1st to 3rd
Junior Level  class: 4th to 7th
Senior Level  class: 8th to 12th

Maneuver your robot to cross the chequered flag before others do.

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Line Following Robot

Junior Level  class: 4th to 7th
Senior Level  class: 8th to 12th

Black or white, follow the track and finish it first to succeed.

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Innovation Expo

Junior Level  class: 4th to 7th
Senior Level  class: 8th to 12th

Unleash you creativity to solve the environmental and social issues.

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Soccer Bots

Junior Level  class: 4th to 7th
Senior Level  class: 8th to 12th

People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society.

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