Fun Robotix [Class 2 & Class 3]

Fun Robotix Level 1

Total duration of the course is 20 hours. The course includes the Take Away Kit and Certification.


  • Introduction to Robotics & Lego WeDo
  • The Amazing Mechanisms theme focuses on physical science concepts.
  • Dancing Birds - Learns about Pulley and belts, experimenting with the size of pulleys and the crossing and uncrossing of the belt.
  • Smart Spinner - Investigate the effect of smaller and larger gears on a spinning top.
  • Drumming Monkey - Learns about Levers, Cams, and patterns of movement.
  • The Wild Animals theme focuses on technology, emphasizing the concept of sensing and responding to external stimuli.
  • Hungry Alligator - Program the alligator to snap its jaw shut when motion sensor sees something near its mouth.
  • Roaring Lion - Program the lion to sit up and then lie down and roar when it senses a bone.
  • Flying Bird- Program the tilt sensor to activate a flapping sound as they move the tail up and down, flapping the wings.

  • Fun Robotix Level 2

    Total duration of the course is 18 hours. The course includes the Take Away Kit and Certification. Coursework

  • Advance Programming
  • The Play Soccer theme focuses in mathematics.
  • Goal Kicker - Measures the distance the kicking leg model kicks paper ball.
  • Goal Keeper - Calculates the number of blocks, goals, misses as they try to flick paper balls past a mechanical goal keeper. They also learn to program an automatic score keeping system.
  • Cheerful Fans- Apply a numerical rating system to judging the best performance in three subjective categories.
  • The Adventure Stories theme focuses on language using the model to dramatize events.
  • Airplane Rescue - Learn important interview questions: Who, What, Where, Why and How and report a story of Max the LEGO mini figure's airplane ride.
  • Giant Escape - Act out the dialogue, role-playing as Mia and Max wake the sleeping giant and must escape the forest.
  • Sailboat Storm - Describe the sequence of events as Max endures a thunderstorm at sea.